Smart lighting is through Internet of Things technology to create a higher economic and social benefits for urban lighting, while reducing carbon emissions and creating a better social environment for citizens.
Smart pole is through IoT technology to unite a variety of devices to collect and send data and share it to the city’s comprehensive management department to achieve more efficient urban management and maintenance.

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Smart solar street light

Smart solar street light

Smart solar street light is a kind of green and economic smart lighting using solar energy combined with IoT technology.We have 4G(LTE) & Zigbee two solutions. It can monitor the working status, charging efficiency and charging power of the solar street light in real time, and quickly calculate how much carbon emission we will reduce by using it. It can also provide real-time feedback to the operation platform and locate the faulty lamps through GPS, thus greatly improving our maintenance efficiency.

Smart street light

Smart street light

Smart street light is the use of Internet of Things technology to achieve how to save energy and reduce carbon emissions of lighting purposes. At the same time, it can achieve the purpose of improving maintenance efficiency and reducing maintenance costs through real-time information feedback. Our smart lighting includes the following solutions: LoRa-WAN/ LoRa-Mesh/ 4G(LTE)/ NB-IoT/ PLC-IoT/ Zigbee solutions.

Smart pole & smart city

Smart pole & smart city

Smart pole & smart city is an important supporter for building a smart city. It through IoT technology by Bousn lighting's patented Smart Data Box to combine many devices to collect and send data and share it with the city administration for more efficient integrated city management. These devices including 5G mini station, wirelss WiFi, public speakers, CCTV-camera, LED display, weather station, emergency call, charging pile and other devices. As an Editor-in-Chief of smart pole industry standard, Bosun lighting has R&D a most stable smart pole operating system- BSSP platform, It gives us a more user-friendly operating experience while also improving the efficiency of management and maintenance.

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In order to help the United Nations 2015-2030 Sustainable Development Goals- SDG17, such as achieving the goals of clean energy, sustainable cities and Communities and climate action, GEBOSUN Lighting founded in 2005 year, GEBOSUN Lighting has been committed to the research and application of solar smart lighting for 18years. And on the basis of this technology, we have developed smart pole & smart city management system, and contributing our strength to the intelligent society of mankind.

As a professional lighting designer, Mr. Dave, the founder of GEBOSUN Lighting, has provided professional lighting design solutions and professional solar street lights for the 2008 Olympic Stadium in Beijing, China and Singapore International Airport. GEBOSUN Lighting was awarded as China National High-Tech Enterprise in 2016. and in 2022, GEBOSUN Lighting was awarded the honor of…



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