Smart Lighting&Smart Pole Government Project for Vietnam

Background of the project:

BOSUN lighting is a national high-tech enterprise in the lighting industry, which has been focusing on outdoor solar lighting products and smart pole products for over 17 years. After becoming the editor-in-chief of the smart pole & smart city industry standard in China, more and more smart lighting and smart pole government project had been done by Bosun.


In the past 2 years, the demand of smart light poles in Thailand was increasing crazily:


In June 2021, a famous technology products distributor in Vietnam sent a consultant about our smart pole after going through our company website. They asked for our smart pole including the devices of Lighting, Camera, Public WiFi, Weather Station, Led screen, and EV Charging Station. In order to make our client better understand our control system, we had created sub-account of our management system for them, and held online meeting with them to teach them how to control all the devices of our smart pole via our SCCS platform.


After several online meeting with our client, we have finalized a testing order of our smart pole devices including lamp, camera, speaker, SOS, weather station, WiFi, and Visualization Console. And after they received all the devices, we helped them to test and solve all their problems via AnyDesk remote control.


Since our client had learned our tested our smart pole equipment are all working well, they have been presenting our smart pole system to their local government for several times. Now more and more smart pole&smart lighting projects are under proceeding with the help of Bosun team.


This is only a small project we have done in Vietnam. With the development of the city, smart pole and smart lighting city management is becoming the top2 biggest industrial all over the world. Bosun will insist on providing more and more professional service and better and better products to our clients. We are looking forward to win-win cooperation!

Post time: Sep-07-2022