Successful story of solar smart lighting in Malaysia

With the development of new energy and intelligent technology, in terms of lighting, solar smart lighting is more and more favored by different countries and regions, and more and more projects need to use solar smart lighting.


Bosun Lighting, as a leader of smart lighting and smart pole, focusing on technology innovation.

We are the editor-in-chief of the smart pole & smart city industry standard in China, also a national high-tech enterprise in the lighting industry.



Malaysia is a country that pays great attention to intelligence. In December 2021, a customer from Malaysia approached us, hoping to win their government’s solar smart lighting project with our help.


After the video conference discussion between engineers and customers, we found that this project is not easy. To meet the requirements of the government, we still need to continuously improve the product and get the CCPIT CERTIFICATE.




It took us a total of 6 months from scheme design to product perfection, to application for certificates, During this period, we went through countless video conferences and stayed up all night for many nights before finally successfully winning this solar smart lighting project.

2022 March, we confirmed the solution;

2022 May, we finished production and sent goods to our customer;

2022 June, customer received the goods.






Due to the urgency of the project, the customer charged and installed the product as soon as he received it. The customer is very satisfied with the solar smart lighting products used in this project.

Whether it is product quality or our delivery guarantee, it has given customers great confidence.




Through the manipulation of the Roramesh system, the entire project achieved a very good lighting effect. The government has always praised the excellence of this project

Our customer has more projects waiting for us to assist.


Thank you very much for reading our successful story of solar smart lighting in Malaysia,

looking forward to our next story update.




Post time: Sep-07-2022